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21st Century Toys Tiger I panzer 1/32

I already posted a video review of this model, so there is little to add in this blog entry.

This is the video review:

Information not contained in the video...

This model has an average price of US $60.- brand new on ebay on this date. Keep in mind this brand no longer exists, this is a discontinued product, this model is not easy to find. This one is much less expensive ($70 difference or much more) than Forces of Valor Tiger, but FOV's product has several advantages over this one:

  1. Real die cast, this one is all plastic, although solid build
  2. Weathering (depends on the Tiger model, FOV has several editions)
  3. Better looking accessories over the tank's body
  4. Suspension, a very nice feature of FOV's tanks
  5. Roll more easily than those from 21st Century Toys
  6. FOV's Tiger does include the engine inside the engine compartment

Points 2 and 3 could be addressed with some customization and the end result could be really nice if you know how to do it without applying too much wit.

21CT tanks have more articulated hatches than those from Forces of Valor, and that is also the case with the Tigers, this one also include more figures (3) than FOV's Tigers, but no machine gun on the turret.

Thank you for reading this article!

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