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Review: Ultimate Soldier SDK 222 1/32

Ultimate Soldier brand, also known as 21st Century Toys went out of business more than 10 years ago, but it is not that difficult to find this model on Ebay in any of its 2 variants (camo/grey) whether used or not. Average price is about $42 for a brand new, on a "buy now" offer, you can score a lower price on a bid offer.

This is a very good unit, not weathered but the paint job is good, although the tires are a bit shiny, nothing that cannot be easily solved with proper acrylic paint, as well as for the weathering if you have the painting skills. Some additional accessories could also be attached. Whatever the choice of customization, this unit is very good as it is.

Mine is used, a good catch from Ebay, came complete without damage, but without original box, however I am posting below 2 pics of the different versions in original box, these I got from ebay, they are not mine:

This is not diecast, it is all plastic except for the metal axis, but it is a model of sturdy build, hard plastic, accessories are not fragile. Mine survived without damage a fall from a table (while shooting episode 1), so in that aspect is as good as a diecast, except for the weight, but you can insert a plate of metal if you wanna feel the weight (if you are such a freak).

Regarding motion and articulation, this one is very good, wheels roll good enough for live motion and also for stop motion of course, top and a small side hatch opens (see pics below).

The 20mm gun can be moved a little to produce the effect of a certain recoil, which was used in stop motion in episode 2 of Plastic Commandos with very nice results.

This model has very nice details, some stowage attached, and the gun and machine gun a very well painted. The figure is also pretty decent. My unit included the driver, but as you can see the original box includes 3 figures, not a bad deal.

This is the only offering of a SDK 222 in 1/32 scale, when the stock of brand new is gone, will be for good, no one is producing this model, and Forces of Valor, the only remaining significant manufacturer of military diecasts in 1/32 does not produce this model, so forget about alternatives, unless you settle for a plastic model in 1/35, which is almost sure it won't have the sturdiness and articulation of this unit.

I recommend this product, there are a few things to enhance/customize if you like so, and it would make it look even better. It already appeared in 2 episodes, and it is going to be a star on episode 3 too.

Here are some more HD pics for you

Nicely painted 20mm gun and machine gun

You can open this unit and add a metal plate to add weight "like a diecast"

Don't forget to watch this boy in action on episode 2 of Plastic Commandos, it fought bravely to the bitter end... Here it is:

Thank you for reading this article!

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