viernes, 8 de abril de 2016

Review: Motorworks Panther tank 1/32

This is the same as 21st Century Toys or Ultimate Soldier, re-branded as Motorworks. This unit is huge and by its weight it feels like a diecast, at least parts of the body, the rest is plastic.

The Motorworks edition includes two useless figures for this tank (they don't fit), not the tank commander shown above.

All hatches open, turret rotates, gun moves up/down, as well as the machine gun, and the tracks roll easily, this one is good for stop motion.

No weathering at all, the tracks are just plain black, they look too much like plastic, so a bit of customization is required to get better pictures of this unit. It does include several add-on accessories, like machine gun, antenna, tow cables, etc. It has nice detail and a nice camo paint job. Front hooks are articulated, you could put a chain or some rope between them.

Forces of Valor also offers a Panther in this scale, and it is superior to this one in many aspects, like accessories, suspension and motion, but unless you score a bid or a used one on a lucky day on ebay, you will have to pay a lot more for the FOV unit than for this one.

This beast performed very well on episode 2 of Plastic Commandos:

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