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Review: Monogram M-34 truck 1/35

This is a plastic kit, more than 40 years old, a great kit by any measure considering its age, decent details, great build, fully articulated, like a diecast, and it works, it was conceived as a model and as a toy at the same time, not for an old guy, who would put the thing on a shelf, but for kids who would play with it after building it. I love that concept, and I put it in action. This one is a veteran of both episodes.

I really love this model, all doors, including tail door, open, rubber tires, detailed chasis and suspension, wheels roll very well, like a diecast, provided you put a drop of oil, this is a good tip for Monogram kits, they have a unique wheel hub assembly that is sturdy but may require some oil for better (much better) results. We are talking old school here, instructions are great, with hand made drawings, a piece of art by today's cold standards.

You can find about 2 or 3 per month on ebay, from brand new to used with missing parts, some are original 1972 Monogram boxes, others are the more recent Revell/Monogram Eager Beaver box, in any case it is the same kit, average price is about $30 or more, depends on the condition. You may score much lower on a lucky morning for an open box with complete kit. Mine is the 1972 box shown below.

During the build process I damaged some parts, like the tail gate, because of my lack of skills building models, so I decided to customize this unit to transform it into a Commando transport vehicle.

This model's scale is 1/35, but looks bigger than that, which is common with old kits like this. The cabin is barely big enough for a 1/35 driver, but without the steering wheel. My particular box did not include any figures. The more recent Revell edition does include several, I think that a driver too, but of very low quality, and very small when compared to 1/32. The backside of the truck is big enough for 1/32 figures.

At the end of the day, it is old plastic, and the racks on the back keep falling apart if not manipulated with great care, not good for an intense stop motion movie production, in spite of how much I like this kit, I prefer a diecast substitute (I already bought 2 different diecast models), so this one saw the end of its career in Plastic Commandos movies, it is highly probably that it will be given away to some facebook Fan (chains, accessories and figures not included!).

Thank you for reading this review.

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