lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Review: Forces of Valor Zundapp 1/32 KS750

I regret that I bought this shit, really expensive, extremely fragile, the unpacking is difficult, things broke during the unpacking, and then after the unpacking. Assembly was not easy, some elements like the machine gun and its tripod just can't be assembled as shown in the instructions. It really looks like a defective model.

I really wanted a motorcycle for an ambush scene I had in my mind for episode 2, something with articulation, with wheels that roll easily. I considered buying a plastic model, but I wanted to avoid assembly and paint work, also I am not sure if the available models include rolling wheels. So I looked at the available offers, some are vintage and not so good looking, the best one was Forces of Valor, around $80 or more, expen$ive.

Despite my disliking with this unit, it did perform OK for episode 2

I had seen stunning pictures of FOV Zundapps, they also looked articulated, and are diecast models, so I decided to make the "investment" and got the best offer I could find on ebay, anyway it was expensive, the most expensive unit I have purchased up to date.

The package: what a nightmare, really difficult to unpack and thing will broke during the unpacking.

It does include a decent amount of accessories, some win't fit very well into their places, others keep falling, other pieces like the front light broke at the slightest touch. I had to apply glue to several pieces. The most fragile part proved to be tail hook for the trailer.

Driver figure hardly fits, the wheels barely roll, and the position of the unit when the driver finally gets in place is a little twisted to the right, not straight. It has no weathering. There is a metal base, but the rest if fragile plastic, and it has several design issues.

I have seen other editions, the one with the paratroopers in particular, that look much better, maybe this particular edition was flawed. Whatever the case, I was able to use it for episode 2, but things kept falling and breaking, really fragile considering it's a diecast. 

I remember having models like this when I was a kid which were more feature rich (like plastic colored lights) and rolled really well, today you can find diecast 1/32 motorcycles (sadly not WW2 models) for less than $20, so I consider this unit to be way overpriced.

Some months before this purchase I found an interesting item on ebay, but I lost the bid, and I did not manage to find out the brand of this nice model, not as fancy as FOV Zundapp but looked solid and articulated. If you know about it, please let me know! thank you.

Here are some nice pics of the FOV Zundapp I took with my iphone

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