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Review: Forces of Valor Kfz. 70 Personnel Carrier 1/32

This is a beautiful diecast that comes in several editions, mine in particular came with very few extra accessories, unlike other editions. The painting is factory new, no weathering, same for the 3 included figures, very flat, clean finish but flat, no shades, no highlights.

Price starts at $45 + S&H, brand new, I have seen prices around $80 for this model, price range is wide, and you may be able to get a better edition (more accessories) for the same price.

Wheels roll, but are quite stiff, I will try adding a drop of oil to the wheel hub. This diecast does not have the usual metal axis found in most toy cars, each wheel rolls by itself, like in plastic models (like those from Monogram). It has nice matte black rubber tires.

Windshield folds, and the tail door opens, that's all the articulation. The driver is fixed, which is pretty bad, you cannot use this driver in other vehicles, it is fucking glued to the seat, bad design decision.

Chasis and suspension are very detailed and this is where the metal resides:

There is no metal axis between each pair of wheels

There are a couple of large shovels glued to the left side of the back rack, very fragile, I broke one of them on the first day.

Only 2 additional figures and 2 pieces of stowage are included in this edition, the rest of the accessories are glued to the body.

It is a very nice diecast, I bought it because I found it at a very good price with free S&H, it was my first Forces of Valor product, I expected more for my money, I have seen less expensive WW2 trucks on this scale with more articulation features (hoods that open and removable drivers) and much better motion. I need this thing to move faster for live motion videos, let's see if the oil will help. All in all this is a very good looking unit, it performed quite well for episode 2 of Plastic Commandos. A little bit of weathering would make it look even better.

Watch it fight to the bitter end in episode 2 of Plastic Commandos:

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