martes, 12 de abril de 2016

Review: Forces of Valor Dodge WC63 6x6 1.5 ton truck 1/32

First impression was very possitive, overall look is very nice, some modest weathering, two removable figures which can be used in other 1/32 vehicles, one of the few .50 cal gunners available in this scale. The weight is impressive too! you can feel the metal in this unit, very nice. Rubber tires and this one -in contrast with the FOV german Kfz.70- rolls very well, smooth motion. Feels sturdy, although the plastic ring to support the MG is somewhat fragile.

Packaging was less troublesome that in other models (the Zundapp in particular), it does include several simple diorama elements and a few accessories including: ammo boxes and a box to contain them all, a can of motor oil, the machine gun, spare tire and a cat, yes, a fucking grey cat.

I bought it brand new for $45 S&H included, at present its price range goes from $45 to $80 on ebay, there are many available, this one is not out of production.

I think that in the particular case of the unit I recevied, the quality standards were lowered in the following aspects: gunner paint job is very low quality, something that look as if it was done in a rush, the hands of this gunner won't fit in the MG handlers, it is very difficult to place the gunner firing the MG. The .50 cal has a missing piece, that oval below the barrel. There is no weathering on the spare tire nor the MG. I think these are production mistakes, because I have seen the official pictures of this product in the FOV Ad and it looks somewhat better in all the forementioned aspects.

The back cover can be removed, I prefer this look, it is more "Commando mode" for raids.

All in all, I like this unit very much, will be a fantastic diecast replacement for my all plastic, fragile old Monogram M34, with a little customization, it will be a great Commandos transport in episode 3, as well as a rapid attack/raid vehicle.

Thank you for reading this article!

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