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Review: Forces of Valor diecast Jeep 1/32

This one was a recent addition to the Plastic Commandos diecasts collection, and I think I am done with this brand regarding non tracked vehicles. It has some interesting points, like you can feel the weight of the metal on these models, in the particular case of the jeep many accessories were included (not the case with two trucks I bought of the same brand). They have an interesting “plug” concept, you can attach the accessories, there is no need to glue things, that’s nice, but accessories keep falling off the jeep upon the slightlest movement.

The packaging keeps things in place, but it also makes unpacking somewhat difficult, and in some cases you may end breaking some parts, as it happened to me trying to unpack the fragile and expensive Zundapp motorcycle. The packaging technique of 21st Century Toys is far better and less cumbersome.

FOV packaging makes a bit difficult to unpack without destroying the box

As I mentioned before, many accessories were included for this jeep, but there is a thing with the weapons of this brand, they use some kind of rubber instead of hard plastic, and the barrels look bended.

The driver fits nice on other jeep models of the same scale, like those from the Gate brand.

Look at the machine gun barrel

This unit does not have a weathered finish, it has nice detail, but much nicer than less expensive options, like Gate’s. It has working steering, but it does not roll very well, almost useless for live motion takes. The windshield collapses, but the hood is not articulated.

To be honest, I bought this one just because I did catch a good brand-new offer on ebay and I wanted to compare this unit against my customized Gate jeeps, and who knows, I may use its accessories or just destroy it with firecrackers for the sake of a good realistic take in a forthcoming episode, or it may be the prize of a contest, time will tell.
Regarding scale, it is a bit wider than Gate’s 1/32 model, but shorter, wheels look almost the same size on both models, and this one also has rubber tires, better than those included in Gate’s models (more WW2 style)

More pics below...

Rich accesory set, antenna plugs nicely and stays in place

FOV vs plan Gate's 1/32 unit

It is shorter than Gate's model, but it is heavier

When compared with 21st Century Toys and Gate, I think that this brand does a better job in tanks/panzers than jeeps and trucks. They are truthful to their claim of real diecast, this unit has a very nice weight, it is heavy in relation to its size, more than their trucks (speaking of weight vs size proportion).

I don’t buy that shit of “this is not a toy, it is a collector item, etc, etc”. Look at it, it is a toy, toys are intended for playing and shooting ultra violent stop/live motion movies too! After buying 2 trucks and this jeep, I feel that this brand is overpriced, I like the metal stuff, I like the concept of customize as you like with attachable accessories, but that’s it.

The working steering was a surprise, but I prefer a smooth movement for live motion scenes, you can’t do things like this one with the FOV jeep (play the video to watch sequence of Gate's jeep jumping in live motion):

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