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Review: 21st Century Toys Sherman Firefly Vc tank 1/32

There are only 3 models of Firefly in scale 1/32 that I know of: 21st CT, Forces of Valor and the hard to find William Britains, which I have only seen in pictures, its price is way above $100. FOV Firefly is better than 21st CT in certain aspects: it has suspension, softer motion and more external accessories. None of these models has weathered finish, except for William Britains.

The prices for these models are high, these models are scarce. The one in question costs about $80, its price was much lower back in 2015, but as the time of writing this post, the price is $80, and there is only 1 unit available (ebay).

This unit came disassembled, no figures, the only accessory is the .50 cal.

As for mobility and stop motion it has a lot of articulation: turret rotates, gun moves up/down, all hatches open, including side hatch on turret and motor hood as well as compartment for storage in the backside of the turret. Tracks roll much better than in other models of the same brand, as always with this brand some downward pressure will be necessary (not the case with the FOV model I heard), because the track are not that soft. If you move it fast, one of the tracks will get off soon.

This model is all plastic, no diecast, and the case of my unit the fit of the upper body with the lower part was not perfect, a small aperture can be seen at the front, just below the spare track.

The accessories are molded, not glued, but their painting is good enough. The color scheme is a nice camo in dark tones, looks british to me. It has good external detail, but the lack of weathering and those black tracks make it look a bit cheap, like those models from New Ray, I am sure that a little customization will make it look much better, for the tracks in particular.

You can fit figures from other brands, in my case I use Monogram's sherman tank commander, until I find a proper british tank commander in 1/32.

The machine gun seems to be in the wrong location for this scale, there is no way to place a gunner behind the MG, there is not enough space. The MG can be removed.

This Firefly made its debut in episode 2 of Plastic Commandos, saw great action and caused some damage with that huge 17 PDR gun.

A very suitable unit for stop motion, the least expensive alternative in this scale, and with a little customization it can yield much better pictures.

Watch this Tiger Hunter in action, Plastic Commandos episode 2 "At Her Majesty's Service"

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