jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Review: 21st Century Toys Panzer IV Asuf. D 1/32

A very nice unit, diecast with plastic parts, well detailed, weathered, usually much less expensive than similar models from Forces of Valor. At present is somewhat scarce, I bought mine brand new for $49 + S&H back in 2015, but it seems that current prices will be well above that mark.

It does include 2 figures. useful ones, at least the tank commander fits (half body) into the main turret.

Regarding articulation for stop motion, this one is very good, moves smoothly without requiring too much downward pressure, unlike other models from the same brand. Turret, gun and machine gun moves, main and front hatches open, no articulated side or back hatches. It's a diecast, but not very heavy, only certain parts of the upper body are metal, the rest is plastic, All accessories are glued on the surface, nicely painted and with good detail. The overall look of this unit is quite good, not as good as the equivalent from FOV (they have suspension and more metal among other advantages), but much less expensive.

This unit is a veteran of 2 Plastic Commandos episodes, performed very well on both, yields excelent pictures, it is a pitty that the side hatches are not articulated, something that the FOV model has. All in all, it is better than many other models from the same brand, considering in particular the nice moving tracks and the painting.

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