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Review: 21st Century Toys light panzer 38(t) 1/32

This elusive model is unique in this scale, no other manufacturer does offer this model in 1/32, and this one is hard to find. I found mine on ebay back in 2015 in original box for $22.50, but it was a lucky catch, it tends to be way more expensive than that, because it is rare.

At smaller scales is much easier to find, 1/48 in particular (also from 21st CT), and is also inexpensive at this size, about $10. Also available as diecast from Forces of Valor in 1/72, too bad FOV did not release this one in diecast 1/32.

This model does not include figures, just the tank with glued on accessories. It has very nice details, and some modest weathering, a nice overall paint job, even in the tracks. A 1/32 driver (also 1/35) can be fitted on the top hatch, but it has to be slim to fit, or just the upper body, because this tank is small, I wonder if the scale is right? I don't have a 1/35 unit to compare, this one should be bigger.

Mine is grey as you can see, but it seems that there is another color scheme available, in camouflage, I have seen this camo unit in 1/48, it is commonly available on ebay in that scale, but I have never seen the camo unit in 1/32. This is a picture of that edition in 1/32, not my picture, I took it from the web.

This model is all plastic, no diecast, very light but not fragile. Is has good features for stop motion: turret rotates, gun and machine guns elevate/depress, the lower machine gun moves in 4 directions. Tracks roll, they are not very soft, rather stiff, you need to put pressure downwards to make it roll, and will only work on a surface with a certain friction, I use cork in my movies, it does provide good friction for all of my tracked vehicles.

As an interesting note, the Germans used the chasis of this light panzer to motorize their anti tank gun Marder III 139 (the smaller version), and it seems that 21st Century Toys wisely did the same for their models!

This little fellow saw some good action in episode 2... and paid the highest price!

Check it out - Episode 2:

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